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Calculation P&L statement for Capital Market (Cash Market) Transaction

Dear Sir,

Prior to opening your own DP demat account, our net holding used to transferred to the demat account we provided to you at some regular intervals.

But still showing same outstanding balance in SAS account  P&L statement.

So, there is an imbalance in net outstanding shares and P&L there on.

For example, I purchased 60 shares of AUROPHARMA at average around 1350/- per share in SAS account. But sold them at 1465/ per share in Angel Broking. Still it shows balance 60 in your Net position Statement.

As I am an income tax payer, it is important to get actual P&L for that script.

However, in future this problem will not arise as I have demat account with you.

Please address this problem resolve it. I can provide the sell price of above script.  

My P & L Statement is attached here with


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Hi Sir,

Sorry for delayed response.

Note that the details of the mentioned matter has been verified from our end. As every broker maintains his own accounts and own P&L statements for clients, so this is the reason that your positions are showing outstanding in P&L with SAS Online.

As you have bought the shares with SAS Online, but sold the same in Angel Broking, so though your shares position in squared off, but in books it will show +60 in your account as the same are not sold with SAS Online.

To avoid such instances, we suggest you to sell shares with us only, so that positions are squared off in books as well.

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