We follow a completely scientific and data driven methodology that takes into account the consistency of historical performance as well as some filtration criteria.

Basic filtration criteria : only funds meeting all 4 below criteria are shortlisted:

  • Consistent Track Record (minimum 5 years) - to be able to perform across market cycles.

  • Only Growth option - to fully enjoy the power of compounding to create long-term exponential growth.

  • Diversified Open-ended Schemes - No exposure to sectoral cyclicality and to ensure investment liquidity

  • At least 500 Crores in AUM - to weather redemption pressure during down times and benefit from economies of scale

For the above shortlisted funds, returns along with risk are calculated and compared across durations.

Out of the above, suitable funds are recommended.

The Magic Sauce : A consistent, good performing fund. A consistent, good performer makes it to the top quartile for most part of its entire performance history. And that really is the all encompassing fund selection criteria. If you adhere to this, this alone is good enough to grow your wealth many times over. Not really rocket science then.

You can find all the Recommended Funds by clicking HERE.