SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) :  In a mutual fund SIP, a fixed amount is deducted every month from your savings account and invested in the chosen mutual fund. SIP Plans bring the discipline of regular investing and the power of compounding to get you high returns with a lower risk. Through fixed regular investments, SIP lower the impact of market ups and down on investment returns.

Mutual Fund SIP plans can be started for as low as ₹ 500. These SIP plans also provide higher liquidity compared to other investment plans.

You can start SIP investment from minimum Rs. 500/- ’Transact Now’ section, like hereunder :

Currently, MFIs/MFDs/RIAs are registering the ISIP mandate of their client on BSE StAR Platform for electronically making the payment for ISIP transactions. 

A Unique Registration number(URN) is generated by the system which client needs to add in their netbanking while registering BSE Ltd., as biller.

The URN generated from the system always carries UPPER CASE characters and Clients used to register the URN in both UPPER CASE or as LOWER CASE in the bank and client has to register the URN as exactly received from the system.

XSIP or EXCHANGE SIP is a facility offered by the exchange to the MFIs/MFDs on StAR MF platform to register their client’s ECS Bank Mandates and upon successful registration with the destination bank, to start registering SIPs for their mutual fund clients.