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Please Incorporate Percentage OI in the watch List as one of the parameter

Increase/decrease in Open Interest to the previous day closing OI is an important parameter in taking trading decision. I informed the support staff orally long back. However, so far no action is taken. I request you to expedite this feature at the earliest.

 Pl note this is parameter needed in Watch List

Dear Client,

Thank you for your valuable feedback. Kindly note that %age change in Open Interest option is available in the Snap Quote window "F6" and can be viewed from there.

Further, for adding a column of %age change in Market Watch, we have forwarded the feedback to our development team and if found feasible the same will be included.

Thank you very for your quick response. I hold three trading accounts. No other accounts match SAS in support and brokerage rate. You are helping trading community a great service.

I could not notice %OI in F6 earlier. Woo.. Yes it is there (It must once you tell). However, as it is at ease to have it in watch list columns please put additional pressure to your development team. In fact, I keep the trading window of other account just for this purpose only which eats my data link bandwidth.   


Thank you for sharing your feedback with us.

It is a matter of great joy for us to see that our continuous efforts in providing you hassle free trading experience has resulted in satisfaction at your end. 

We at SAS Online are always in continuous process to increase the quality of our services, so that a long and happy business relation can be maintained with you.

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