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Request for list of pledge-able securities.

What are all the securities on which a client will get Collateral and how much ? Can u give us a list of all of those and how much haircut will be there for each.

Hi Sir,

Please note that a detailed list of collateral margin is attached herewith for your reference. Kindly go through the same and revert for further discussions.

(24.5 KB)

Thank you very much for the file sir.

This file gives the haircut details of 143 securities. there are around 1600 stocks listed on nse. Does it mean that we wont get any collateral margin on pledging other nearly 1500 securities ?


Currently collateral benefit is provided only on F&O stocks. We might start giving collateral benefit on other securities as well in the near future. But as of now, collateral benefit is provided only on stocks mentioned in the attached list.

Thank You Very much for this piece of information. However, the list shown in the main page ( shows different figures. Please find the extracted file herewith.


Dear Client,

This is to inform you that the mentioned information and list on the website keeps on updating as per market movements. This might be the reason that you are seeing the change.

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