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I recently opened a trading account with you and enjoying your good brokerage plans.  Previously, i traded in some other firm.  They give very good intraday margin

but very high brokerage.  Even by depositing just Rs.1000/-, enable us to trade in  one lot of banknifty future. But they squareoff our position, if our loss exceeds 80% of our capital, remaining portion for brokerage and other charges.  Now, what i want to say is, please provide some more extra margins to trade intraday, but you can also squreoff automatically our positions, if our loss exceeds 80% of our capital..

by doing this, there is no problem to you, beside this with your attractive brokerage plans, this seems to be very attractive. 

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Hi Sir,

Plz note that as per our model we are deep discount brokerage firm and the margins provided to all the clients and uniform and as per our model only.

We are in continuous efforts in providing hassle free and profitable trading experience to our clients.

We appreciate that you have taken some minutes out of your valuable time and posted the suggestion, the same has been forwarded to the concerned management and if found feasible the same will be implemented and will be informed to all the clients.

Let's say I deposit 10000 today in my account... Can u confirm how much margin money I will get for intraday

Dear Client,

Kindly note that margin varies from segment to segment and scrip to scrip.

For details of margin in all the segments, kindly click here.

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