Sure, online account opening with SAS is a very simple and easy process, kindly refers below-attached images for detailed information on online account opening. 

(Step 1) --

(Step 2) - Enter both OTP which you have received on Mail & Mobile.

(Step 3)- Enter your PAN number & Date of Birth

(Step 4)-Check & fill mandatory fields.

(Step 5) Fill FATCA Mandatory fields & your referee details (If Any)

(Step 6)- Enter your Bank details , you can add multiple banks with your Trading Account.

(Step 7)-Select the segments in which you are willing to trade with Brokerage plans.

(Step 8)- Here you have to choose whether you want to open a Demat Account or not.

Note-Demat Account is mandatory for Equity cash segment. 

(Step 9) Upload all mentioned necessary documents in this section. (Only PDF & GPEG)

(Step 10)- Review your account details. (Click previous if you want to make some changes)

(Step 11)- Kindly pay your account opening charges.

(Step 12)- Here register for NSDL eSign Service. Enter your Aadhaar number and put OTP which received on Mobile.  

(Step 13)- Now your account opening Process is completed and you can download your electronic account opening form , will also share same on your registered mail. 

Note- 1.Account opening information will be sent to you via Mail & SMS within 24 working hours.

           2. Hard copy of POA page is mandatory to enable your equity delivery selling, POA page will be sent to your mail once you complete your account opening process.