Alpha Trader Expert Advisors

  • Expert Advisors:

Expert Advisors can be attached to charts so that a popup alert will display anytime a buy or sell strategy generates a signal. 

To create an Expert Advisor, open a chart and click the Expert Advisors, Create New Expert Advisor menu.

Simply type a name, description, message, a buy script and a sell script (using the TradeScript).

The message will be displayed in the popup window whenever expert advisor generates a signal. User mayenclose constants within brackets, separated by a pipe character. For example user may write text such as thefollowing: "The SMA just crossed [over|under] the close, generating a [buy|sell] signal". The first value will beinterpreted for long positions while the second value will be interpreted for short positions. User can also useHTML formatted text such as <b></b> for bold, <font color=red></font> for red text, etc. User can save his/herscript by clicking on Save button and can also check the preview of user’s scripts by clicking on Preview button,an Alert popup message will appear showing the message user save in the EA script at the bottom of the screen.

  • Apply Expert Advisor:

Using this option in Artificial Intelligence, user can apply various EA on the charts to generate Buy or Sell signals.There are 35 public Expert Advisors are available in Alpha Trader. User can also use Expert Advisor made by theuser himself.

User can also view the public expert advisor script.

  • Edit Expert Advisor:

Using this option in Artificial Intelligence, user can also edit EA made by him.After selecting the EA, click on Edit Selected EA and user will be able to edit EA.

Note: User will not be able to edit any of the public EAs.

User can also delete the EA made by him.

  • Consensus Reports  :

Consensus Reports are simply groups of Expert Advisors that are processed simultaneously and the results areaggregated into one ranking value.

User may access this feature by opening a chart then selecting Consensus Report in Artificial Intelligence menu.

Simply select one or more Expert Advisors then click the Apply button. 


The Consensus Report will list the generated signals for each selected Expert Advisor, along with a ranking value represented inside a gauge. 


Note: The report will be generated by taking previous 10 bars into consideration. 

  • Pattern Recognition :

The Pattern Recognition feature of Alpha Trader allows user to search for patterns within the currently selected chart. 

To use this feature, open the Chart, Pattern Recognition item from the main menu 

A dialog will display. Select <launch pattern designer…> from the list.

Use the pencil icons to draw pattern then enter the appropriate settings in the text boxes below. Please refer to the Advanced Pattern Recognition documentation for a complete overview of these settings. 


After clicking on the Save button, return to Alpha Trader and select Chart, Pattern Recognition again. The pattern created by user will be listed. Simply click on pattern to search for it within the currently selected chart.