Yes, you will be given collateral benefit for shares (only F&O stocks) kept in your trading account.

As per exchange guidelines, you need to have 25% cash balance of collateral value in your account to avail collateral benefit. 

For eg : If total collateral value of your account after haircut is Rs.100000/-, then you need to have Rs.25000/- as cash balance then only you can avail collateral benefit of full value.

If you have only Rs.20000/- as cash balance, then Rs.80000/- only as collateral benefit will be provided to you.

Below mentioned are the details of collateral benefits provided in different segments.


Benefit provided

Cash / Equity

Intraday (MIS)


Intraday (MIS) & Carryforward (NRML)


Selling only - Intraday (MIS) & Carryforward (NRML)

Currency Futures

Intraday (MIS) & Carryforward (NRML)

Currency Options

Selling only - Intraday (MIS) & Carryforward (NRML)